Our Mission

1. To restore and/or renovate the former Saint Casimir's Church, Kulpmont, Pa. to the Saint Pauline Center, so it can be utilized for prayer; veneration of St. Pauline's Relic; display of artifacts and articles of history and heritage; and provide community services such as health education & screenings.

2. Engage in a religious endeavor to unite the community and bring others of every faith to visit and share Saint Pauline's blessing.

3. Help support the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Religious Community of Sisters founded by Saint Mother Pauline.

4. Educate the poor and needy children in our community.

5. Create fund raising events to preserve and increase awareness of Saint Pauline's compassion for the suffering, and the courage to bring about a more human, just and brotherly world.

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